Harvey Weinstein, the disgusting Hollywood mogul who's paid off numerous women during his decades of sexual harassment and assault and is currently under investigation for a rape accusation in Los Angeles, now has a new allegation of sexual assault being lobbed at him, this time by former production assistant Mimi Haleyi.

Haleyi sat next to lawyer Gloria Allred during a press conference on Tuesday recounting her history with Weinstein, one that sounds frighteningly familiar to anyone who's been keeping up with the countless tales of his overbearing pursuits of women over the years. Sadly, Haleyi's might be the most graphic story, one that she says left her "in disbelief and disgusted."

Here is new Harvey Weinstein accuser Mimi Haleyi describing what happened to her in 2006. pic.twitter.com/ymAsdDtal3

— Alex Silverman (@AlexSilverman) October 24, 2017

Haleyi said she met Weinstein in 2004 and had been deflecting his advances in hotel rooms and also claimed he would show up to her front door unannounced. It was in 2006 that she met with Weinstein at his apartment in New York, forcing himself upon her. At the time, she said she was on her period and that she was not comfortable being intimate with him, or anyone else at that time. That day, Haleyi says Weinstein pulled out her tampon and performed the sex act on her anyway.

"I was mortified," Haleyi told reporters. "I was in disbelief and I was disgusted. I would not have had anyone do that to me even if that person was a romantic partner."

Allred would not say if Haleyi would be filing charges, but did advise that Haleyi was sharing her story because it may contain "relevant information for law enforcement to have as they investigate Mr. Weinstein."

Haleyi's account wasn't the only story regarding Harvey Weinstein's past that dropped, as actress Dominique Huett came forward on Tuesday as well saying that Weinstein—clad only in a robe—forced oral sex on her in a Beverly Hills hotel in 2010. Huett filed a lawsuit against The Weinstein Company, in which she said they were "aware of Weinstein’s pattern of using his power to coerce and force young actresses to engage in sexual acts with him."

These stories have become all-too-familiar, especially in Hollywood, with both James Toback and David O. Russell recently having tales of their inappropriate sexual advances and sexual assaults spotlighted. Currently, Weinstein is supposed to be undergoing "sex rehab," but seriously... that's more than likely a crock of shit.