Rick and Morty fans lost their fucking minds over the weekend at the prospect of securing Szechuan dipping sauce from McDonald's. The sauce, a brief menu highlight during the late '90s in promotion of Disney's Mulan, was revived in a super-limited capacity Saturday following its recent appearance in the Adult Swim sci-fi sitcom.

For many fans, the sauce's super-limited availability was far more super and limited than they ever could have predicted.

In a truly hilarious marathon of astoundingly melodramatic replies to McDonald's semi-apology tweet Saturday, Rick and Morty and/or condiment fans lamented the unfathomable horror of being denied the chance to consume a packaged concoction of high fructose corn syrup and various other ingredients:

Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland later clarified that the team behind the show had nothing to do with the McDonald's stunt:

Sunday afternoon, as fans tended to their wounds, McDonald's made an unlikely announcement: Szechuan Sauce is coming back again later this year. "Between the costumes, the memes, and the cross-state travel, you, the fans, showed us what you got," your "friends" at McDonald's said. "And our super-limited batch, though well-intentioned, clearly wasn't enough to meet that demand. 'Not cool.' We agree. So, we're gonna make this right."

Naturally, some fans are now demanding travel reimbursements.

But don't look back in anger. Just whip up your own goddamn sauce instead.