Matthew McConaughey, Oscar-winning actor and star of every Lincoln ad you’ve ever seen, is a very proud Texan. In the past, he’s been known to give motivational speeches to the Texas Longhorns football team, drive University of Texas students around in a golf cart to make sure they get home safely, and even teach an “advanced filmmaking” class at the University of Texas.

And yesterday, McConaughey made yet another iconic appearance at the University of Texas. This time, when pictures of a speech he made at a UT basketball practice started popping up on Twitter, they blew up for a pretty good reason: McConaughey is pictured standing in a hell of a power pose, equal parts sassy and confident.

Appreciate @McConaughey speaking before today's practice & dropping knowledge. #TexasFamily @UTAustin @TexasExes

— Texas Basketball (@TexasMBB) October 17, 2017

One of our producers was at Texas men's hoop practice today.

Look who he saw...... @McConaughey w/ Shaka and the team.

— Chris Farrow (@chrisjfarrow) October 18, 2017

This picture of Matthew McConaughey taking to the Texas basketball team is iconic

— Darrell Allman (@Darrellwa3) October 17, 2017

The pose is so striking that it was prime material for Twitter’s resident meme breeders. In virtually no time, McConaughey’s photos fueled a pretty hilarious series of memes that spoke to McConaughey’s strong Texas roots and his status as an iconic actor.

idk what McConaughey was saying but it must’ve been fierce af

— Flattop Filipino (@malcham94) October 17, 2017

"For the love of god will one of you Texas programs have a winning record" - McConaughey

— Tbone (@TristanBaker18) October 18, 2017

I hope my day is as fierce as Matthew McConaughey. #ThursdayThoughts

— Josh Sánchez (@jnsanchez) October 19, 2017

Matthew McConaughey look like your lady right after she gets home, drops her bags, and gets ready to launch into who pissed her off at work.

— Cyrus McQueen (@CyrusMMcQueen) October 19, 2017


— nicole (@emilynicole92) October 18, 2017

I wanna be to A&M one day what @McConaughey is to Texas.

— Ross (@Sir_RossTarhini) October 18, 2017