The first full trailer for Pacific Rim: Uprising has finally dropped, and it looks downright amazing. The trailer was released at New York Comic Con on Friday, where a few other details were released about the Steven S. DeKnight-directed movie, which will act as a follow-up set one decade after Guillermo del Toro’s 2013 Pacific Rim.

Pacific Rim: Uprising will explore what happens after the Battle of the Breach and how the Jaeger program has changed since we last saw it. John Boyega will star as Jake Penecost, son of Stacker Penecost, played by none other than Idris Elba in the original film, who is an ex-jaeger pilot. According to Boyega, his portrayal of Jake is a far cry from Stacker.

"He’s a stealer, a hustler, and lives in half a mansion. He doesn’t want to live up to the Penecost name," Boyega said during a panel at New York Comic Con. Nevertheless, when Jake is faced with the opportunity to help save the world from the Kaiju threat, Jake has no choice but to fight.

Speaking about the overall message of the film, DeKnight also stressed that besides some dope battle scenes, the real heart of the movie involves a much more inclusive message.

"Jaeger pilots know nothing but a world of chaos, but what we wanted to show in the movie, is that it doesn’t matter where your parents are from, your race, sexual orientation," DeKnight said at the panel. "You can make a difference. It’s the human inside that Jaeger that makes a difference."

The hype has been real for this highly-anticipated installment of a franchise that everyone—including Kanye West—can agree is a downright banger. But there is still a bit of a wait until the premiere. Look out for Pacific Rim: Uprising in theaters in March 2018.