What does it take to be a hero? Some would say commitment. Some would say honor. Most would say bravery. But in the end, there is one quality that embodies all three of these characteristics as well as other intangible elements that all heroes possess.

That quality is valor.

The new CW series of the same name explores the trials and tribulations of an elite unit of helicopter pilots trained to perform secret missions at home and abroad. The show examines the intense struggles that these patriots—who come in all shapes and sizes—must confront while trying to balance the commitments they’ve made to the US military, to their fellow soldiers, and to the loved ones they leave behind. Suffice it to say that along the way all of these bonds will be tested to their very core.

Told in action that intercuts between present day and flashbacks surrounding a mission gone bad, Valor’s first season starts uncovering deep layers of government secrets, military cover-ups, and a great deal of personal demons amongst the unit’s members.

You can get a look at all the action in store for Valor in the video above. And be sure to catch the show when it premieres Monday, October 9, at 9/8c only on the CW.