We know how it gets sometimes. You're laying in the pumpkin patch with bae, trying to figure out what costume would work perfectly as a duo at this weekend's Halloween function. It's hard, because you don't want to be a pair of Dancing Snapchat Dogs, nor should you be offending anyone. If you're racking your brain trying to figure out your next great couples costume, you can just hit your Twitter timeline, as many users are sharing some hilarious "couples costume ideas."

Take this genius tweet, for example.

If you and bae want to show off your freaky bedroom side, here's a PERFECT idea.

There's also one for the Air Bud fan in all of us.

Or for those of you who love Starbucks and just can't be bothered with the fuck shit.

And if you hate George "Dubya" Bush's presidency and want to show it, this might be too perfect.

Twitter, you're forever undefeated. Couples out there, your ideal Halloween costume is just a Twitter search away. Good luck out there.