Netflix and Eggo reportedly dumped $5 million into a January Super Bowl ad for Stranger Things 2, but the streaming giant’s plans to further promote their hit horror series may have hit a snag. Actor Charlie Heaton, who plays the character Jonathon Byers, was reportedly denied entry into the US after trace amounts of cocaine were reportedly found in his luggage at LAX.

According to various reports, the 23-year-old cast member was believed to be flying from London to Los Angeles for a Stranger Things 2 launch party when he was stopped.

“He was caught by sniffer dogs at LAX Airport, where border officials found traces of white powder on his personal items,” reported James Beal of  the Sun. “A source told The Sun last night the ‘very small amount’ was subsequently confirmed to be cocaine.”

The Sun initially broke the news and cited an unnamed source claiming Heaton missed the event while being sent back to the UK. Heaton was reportedly not arrested, presumably due to the small amount of drugs found.

Stranger Things became a runaway hit for Netflix in 2016, with Heaton’s Jonathon character serving as a brother to primary character Will Byers and a love interest to the character Nancy Wheeler.

Once the news broke, any empathy or reservation of judgment from Twitter users was eschewed for flaming Heaton for essentially bringing sand to the beach.

Can't believe how silly Charlie Heaton is for taking coke to LA. Folk there will just give it to celebs for free.

— Chris Terry (@CJTerry) October 28, 2017

I love that the wide response to charlie heaton getting caught with coke at the airport is, "homie why would you need to bring coke to LA??"

— debtors'prisonplanet (@PAugerot) October 28, 2017

It’s not a real 80s show if at least one cast member isn’t a coke head. #StrangerThings2

— shackas (@shackas) October 28, 2017

Charlie Heaton was coming to a Hollywood party and thought he needed to smuggle coke with him? Dude...... It's Hollywood, it's everywhere.

— NatHan-Solo (@UrMommysHouse) October 28, 2017

Maybe Charlie Heaton was researching for Stranger Things 3 when he tried to bring coke into the US at LAX.

— Arya Snark (@Puzzleface73) October 28, 2017

Netflix has not commented on the alleged incident or on Heaton’s possible future on Stranger Things.