When I learned that the Big Lame Theory spin-off Young Sheldon had been give a full-season order, thus securing its ability to annoy me for at least a year, I nearly quit TV for good. "What's the point?" I thought. "Young Sheldon has ruined everything." But then I remembered that Curb Your Enthusiasm, which isn't so much a TV show as it is a personal bible, was returning to HBO this Sunday (!) after six long years away.

The inimitable Wanda Sykes, who bagged many memorable moments during Curb's original run, recently stopped by the greatest hot sauce-based talk show in history—Hot Ones—to discuss, well, damn near everything. Naturally, the topic of her involvement with those classic Curb episodes was broached, and Sykes did not disappoint when providing some Larry David intel.

"I was friends with one of the producers on the show," Sykes told Hot Ones host Sean Evans of how she first got involved with Curb. That friend, Sykes recalled, gave her a call while Curb was shooting a car dealership. Sykes agreed to head down to the set, but only when promised that she wouldn't be auditioning. "I hate auditioning," Sykes said. "I suck at it."

However, David had essentially tricked Sykes into doing exactly that. "I get down there and there's, like, six other black women sitting at this car dealership," Sykes said. Once her producer pal pushed her into a room with David and Jeff Garlin, she and David immediately started riffing. "Larry's like, 'You're out for a walk and I drive by and I go, 'Hey, I'd know that tush anywhere!' and I go 'Why the fuck would you say something like that?' and he just fell out laughing," Sykes said. She was then offered the job.

Sykes also discussed her apparent absence from the new batch of Curb episodes. Catch the full clip up top.