This summer we’ve encountered dragons, inexplicably charred men and a new battle of the sexes in the form of #TeamLawrence vs. #TeamIssa (we’re strictly #TeamTasha over here). But this is merely television’s off-season and after Labor Day hits we’re in FULL TELEVISION SEASON. There’ll be a whole new slate of network shows for you to peruse (maybe avoid CBS’s all white, all male lineup) and per always Netflix is guaranteed to have a new bingeable show almost weekly to check out. 

But what about those shows that were either all over your timeline last fall or maybe went under your radar? Don’t worry there’s still time to catch up! Use this holiday weekend to finally watch some of last season’s most critically beloved shows just in time for their upcoming premieres. And no you don’t need to be at home to do this—even on vacation (Use Complex10 for Maven car service—hello in-car wifi and free insurance—if you need to get out of town for a bit) —there’s plenty of time to be able to binge some new shows, so you can be ready for the watercooler convo at work this fall. 

Here’s 7 of our favorites returning for their sophomore season that should be on your binge watching vacation schedule.