About two years ago, the Internet stumbled upon Tom Hardy’s MySpace page and discovered one of the Seven Wonders of the Interweb (Cher’s Twitter is also on that list.) Although the page has now been tragically deleted, the discovery marked the public’s first real peek into Hardy’s unfiltered personality. There’s the infamous crotch-grabbing and duck lips photo, as well as some understandable anxiety over having plant hair, and many, many NSFW moments. "I've got no shame about my MySpace photos, especially the one of me in my underpants which is a glorious photo of a man in his natural habitat," he once said in an interview. "I might not be an Adonis, but I like to think of myself as an Adonis in that photo."

Ever since the Great Tom Hardy Myspace Era came to an end, though, all we really know about Hardy the man is what he chooses to reveal in interviews, because the actor has never created a personal Twitter or Instagram account. 

But that’s not exactly true. Once a crotch-grabbing selfie taker, always a crotch-grabbing selfie taker, and just because he doesn’t have an Instagram doesn’t mean Hardy isn’t taking photos and videos. While there are many fan accounts dedicated to sharing photos of and information about the actor, there’s one in particular that towers above the rest, TomHardy.Org, and that’s because Hardy actually contributes to it. It’s an unusual set up: the account seems to have been created independent of Hardy, and is run by fans who have no affiliation to him, but somewhere along the line Hardy caught wind of it and started sending original content like selfies and videos of freestyles with his son strapped to his chest. It’s also where Hardy’s long, stream-of-consciousness emotional tribute to his legendary dog Woody, who passed away earlier this year, was first posted.

The ironic thing is that because of this arrangement, we might know more about Tom Hardy than we know about the celebrities who spend hours curating their social feeds. Having this Tumblr feels like we’re all Tom’s collective non-celebrity friend, you know, that mate he’ll gladly share some pints with at the pub when he’s back in London. Going through it feels like going through the group text he sends us every once in awhile to let us know how he’s doing while he’s off shooting stuff like The Revenant or Mad Max: Fury Road. And there are some glorious, unexpected, and truly groundbreaking discoveries to be made by analyzing what Tom Hardy chooses to share with his fans.