After being robbed of an Oscar for his performances in Spring Breakers and 127 Hours, James Franco may be set for certain awards season glory with The Disaster Artist. The movie, a biographical dramedy centered on the making of the 2003 independent film The Room, stars Franco as the cult classic's writer/director/star Tommy Wiseau. Franco also directs, rounding up a supporting cast including his brother Dave Franco and frequent collaborator Seth Rogen.

In the new trailer released by A24 following the film's Monday night screening at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), viewers are given a glimpse into the heart of Wiseau's inspiration. "Los Angeles, everybody want to be star," Franco, as Wiseau, narrates in the trailer's opening moments. "You have to be the best, and never give up." And with that line, Franco gives viewers something to care about by showing a determined artist hellbent on completing his masterwork.

Speaking with the Los Angeles Times during the TIFF festivities, Franco and Wiseau shared their thoughts on the final product. "Tommy, actually, had somebody shoot, like, behind the scenes on The Room, like, more footage than you would ever be able to watch in a lifetime, I think," Franco said. "But I did watch everything that I could. I mean, there were shots of them like setting up the green screen. Your guy, Marcus, shot everything. So I watched all of that, and you know, audio tapes that I have of Tommy that I listened to in my car." The experience of bringing his take on Wiseau to life, Franco added, was "really touching and moving."

Franco's Disaster Artist, which also stars Ari Graynor and Alison Brie, hits select cities Dec. 1 before going wide Dec. 8. Early reviews for the film have been quite good.