Netflix had a great night at Sunday's Primetime Emmy Awards. Though Sean Spicer's fascist ass tried to spoil things for everyone, streaming-only productions walked away with some of the night’s biggest awards, including Netflix's own Master of None and The Crown.

Ahead of the ceremony, Netflix shared their new "Netflix Is a Joke" ad in which a variety of comedians are inserted into some of your favorite Netflix series. Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle pop up in Stranger Things, Jerry Seinfeld joins Frank Underwood at the desk to continue toppling the House of Cards that is American shmolitics, and Ellen DeGeneres makes an astute bad breath observation in The Crown. Watch the full clip up top.

The "Netflix Is a Joke" slogan first made headlines earlier this month when largely context-free billboards started popping up in Los Angeles and New York. Though early speculation posited that the seemingly derogatory campaign could have been the work of a rival, Variety later confirmed they were in fact commissioned by Netflix.

Chappelle released two new stand-up specials on Netflix back in March. Seinfeld, meanwhile, is set to release Jerry Before Seinfeld Sept. 19.

Last October, the streaming giant secured two specials from Rock worth an estimated $40 million. DeGeneres' upcoming Netflix event notably marks her first stand-up special in 15 years. In short, Netflix has been dominating the stand-up specials market this year and has clearly shown absolutely zero interest in slowing down.