Initial projections have the movie adaptation of Stephen King’s It poised to earn over $80 million this week. That translates to millions of viewers, some of whom would likely tweet about their experience. One man did so, but his experience was unique in that he shared the movie theater with someone who expressed their appreciation for the horror reboot by giving a sartorial nod to the movie’s signature villain, Pennywise.

“Went to see IT, I’m first in the screen and this fucking guy’s just sitting there,” user @HG_Hohbes tweeted.

If the thought of being alone in an empty movie theater with someone who decided to go full-on Pennywise is a bit unsettling to you, you’re not alone.

“Now he's wandering around,” @HG_Hohbes added.

Now he's wandering around

— Chris (@HG_Hohbes) September 8, 2017

Fellow users, clearly not feeling what reportedly amounted to about 10 minutes of alone time with a man in full-grown horror clown regalia, were quick to hop in the man’s mentions.

— StephenEmilyDavidFan (@TwiBritneyFan) September 9, 2017

Yeeeeeeeeeeaaaaah. I'm just gonna walk away :(

— RobTheButcher (@RobTheButcher1) September 9, 2017

I would have ran out

— Tyler Hanberg (@TylerHanberg) September 9, 2017

Judging from some subsequent tweets, the man dressed as Pennywise was an “alright” fellow.

Holy shit. I'd leave.......

— Lauren JægerKnight🌱 (@Flamelycoris) September 8, 2017

Had a chat to him, he's actually alright

— Chris (@HG_Hohbes) September 8, 2017

Your inevitable plot twist comes courtesy of some basic Twitter sleuthing. The initial Twitter user @HG_Hohbes listed his location as Guildford. That would presumably be Guildford in Surrey, England. 

Another user, Hannah, from the nearby town of Aldershot responded to @HG_Hohbes, saying she worked at the movie theater in some capacity. She also claimed to have applied the clown makeup to the man who is her co-worker and offered some receipts in the form of pictures. For those wondering, your UK iteration of Pennywise goes by the name of Jordan.

This is my cinema! His name is Jordan and I did his makeup yesterday ☺

— hannah ♏️ (@_scorpiho) September 9, 2017

gave jordan a makeover for the IT screenings tonight at work 🤡 did the best I could with the shitty costume

— hannah ♏️ (@_scorpiho) September 8, 2017

And if you needed any other confirmation that folks are really into this movie, 30 people reportedly walked into an Alamo Drafthouse movie theater in La Vista, Nebraska dressed as Pennywise the Clown

This comes after police in Lititz, Pennsylvania began removing It-inspired red balloons from sewer grates earlier this week.

The moral of the story is some It fans have zero chill.