Even though she’s only four, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s daughter North is pretty much a pro when it comes to dealing with—and shutting down—the paparazzi. When the paps tried to get all up her business back in October 2015 when she was still just two, she brushed them off by yelling, "I said no pictures." She did the same thing this past May.

But as you can see in the clip above, the paparazzi haven’t exactly listened to little North. They’re still snapping away every time she goes out with her mom. But as you can also see, she just learned a new line from Kim to use on the photogs when they get a little out of hand with all of their questions. That line, as Kim told North, is the same line Kanye uses whenever anyone holding a camera tries to ask him anything out on the streets.

"You know a new one you could say that daddy always says?" Kim said to North. "No questions! Do you want to say that? Hit ‘em with that."

North thought about it for a few seconds—and then put it to good use immediately. As Kim made sure she was secure in her car seat, North shouted "No questions!" at a TMZ cameraman before falling back on her old favorite. "No pictures!"

It was, as Kim mentioned, the same exact line Kanye used about 24 hours prior when TMZ tried to catch up with him. Kanye was actually pretty cordial when a cameraman approached him, but once the guy started peppering him with questions? That all ended.

"I don’t answer questions," Kanye said, before walking away.