Having waited a perfectly reasonable amount of time for Game of Thrones fans to get all caught up on the HBO series' penultimate season, the time has come for unparalleled bullshit battler Neil deGrasse Tyson to delve into the science of it all. Got some questions about blue breath, wingspans, pulling dragons out of lakes, and/or just want to mock Renaissance era cherubs? Tyson's got you.

Sunday, in lieu of a new Thrones, Tyson sprinkled some knowledge on the timeline. First up, Tyson shared an example of Thrones' "bad physics." Tyson noted that successfully pulling a dragon from a lake would require the chains to be straight, a fact which Thrones brazenly chose to ignore:

Tyson, however, had praise for the show’s attention to detail when crafting realistic dragon wingspans. The StarTalk host also approved of Thrones keeping forelimbs off its dragons, which makes good biological sense for winged creatures:

And finally, Tyson confronted Thrones' thermal physics. As Tyson explained, Viserion's blue breath is a bit confounding:

Surely, Thrones fans can recover from these revelations in time for the final season. Though a premiere date hasn't been announced by HBO just yet, fans may be forced to wait until 2019 for the final round.

When he's not busy dissecting the science behind massively popular TV shows and movies, Tyson is busy actively promoting the benefits of a science-based life, even in the face of the most science-unfriendly White House in history. Back in November, Tyson—in a tweet that has since been deleted—said he intended to grab Trump by the crotch to get his attention before hitting him with science.