Who run the world? The Kardashian clan—including the Jenner sisters, Kylie and Kendall. There's nothing we can do about it at this point except accept it and deal with it. Cool? OK.

You might have heard a bit of news recently about 20-year-old Kylie possibly being pregnant by Houston rapper-producer Travis Scott, who is 25. While Scott has not posted to social media since TMZ broke the news Friday, Kylie has been active on Instagram and Snapchat, posting photos and videos that show her looking not-so-pregnant. Neither of them have publicly addressed the rumor, or made a statement thus far.

Their silence on the subject ultimately left people to their own devices, and of course, people tend to assume when they have nothing to go off of. As a result, many fans and hate watchers of Keeping Up With the Kardashians figured hey: the show's 10-year anniversary special is just two days after this supposed miracle of life popped up. Maybe, just maybe, Kylie will address it during the show?

Well... those people were wrong. You know—the whole assume, ass, you and me thing. I'd say I was sad to report they were wrong, but I'm not sad. I'm utterly entertained by their annoyance. Hopefully, you'll find some delight in it, too. Read on:

While it would have been the perfect platform to make the official announcement, something tells me Kylie & co. have something bigger planned. That is, if the girl is even pregnant to begin with. Will we ever find out? Keep it locked for the next installment of Keeping Up With Kylie's Uterus.