While it may feel like the alleged extortion/sex scandal Kevin Hart found himself in the middle of recently is old news, it's definitely still being talked about. Well, one person is doing the talking: Montia Sabbag, the woman who has been identified as the person in the snapshot (and subsequent video) that extortionists were trying to get eight figures for.

Sabbag​, who says both herself and Hart are victims, is speaking out about her situation, and gave The Daily Mail new details on the previously-described "wild" Vegas weekend she had with Hart back in August, and if what she's saying is true, the situation is now looking a bit different.

According to Sabbag​, she met Hart during a private flight from Los Angeles to Las Vegas that included a number of mutual friends. "He was with his friends," Sabbag​ recalled. "I thought he was cute, he's an attractive man, but I wasn't star struck or anything like that, it was super casual, he was a gentleman, a nice guy. "

So Sabbag knew enough to not be "star struck," but wasn't aware that neph was married. "I did not know he was married but I found out later, I was a little bit upset, confused about it because the way he was acting it didn't seem like he was married."

While Sabbag​ says she was "focused on" her friends and that she "didn't go there for Kevin," she reveals that Hart "did pay me a lot of attention, he was into me, I could tell." Whatever the initial attraction was, Sabbag​ says that the two of them had "chemistry" and that sex "happened naturally." So natural that they ended up smashing three times over a three-day period.

Sabbag does drop an interesting tidbit, though: while most outlets said that Hart appeared to be drunk during the actual smashing on this alleged sex tape, Sabbag​ says Hart was sober. That puts a different spin on how some people reacted to the tape (i.e. "Maybe Kev was just drunk").

"If you really look at the tape," Sabbag​ explains, "it was during the day, it wasn't a night thing, he (Kevin) was sober, there was obviously a connection, I'm not just someone he was with at night when he was intoxicated or something, it was more than that."

The question is, who recorded what was going down between Sabbag​ and Hart? Sabbag​ told Daily Mail that she believes it was one of the people she was rolling with. She has her "suspicions," but says she doesn't know who was behind it, and reveals that about 24 hours after whatever went down, she got a call from a lawyer regarding a sex tape. 

Sabbag​ says her private life has been ruined, and that she's seeking legal action against whoever leaked the footage.