Early Wednesday morning, the neo-Nazi-sympathizer-in-chief endorsed Sen. Bill Cassidy and Sen. Lindsey Graham's preposterously shitty health care plan via Twitter. As a general litmus test, anything Trump endorses—especially when he endorses it with exclamation points—is historically awful.

Cassidy, of course, is a Republican. Like Trump, he's also a lying piece of shit. Jimmy Kimmel reminded Americans of this fact during an impassioned monologue Tuesday night, noting just how embarrassing it is that the United States still can't agree on a path toward quality health care coverage for all.

"I know you guys are gonna find this hard to believe, but a few months ago after my son had open heart surgery, which was something I spoke about on the air, a politician, a senator named Bill Cassidy from Louisiana, was on my show and he wasn't very honest," Kimmel said. "It seemed like he was being honest. He got a lot of credit and attention for coming off like a rare, reasonable voice in the Republican party when it came to health care for coming up with something he called—and I didn't name it this, he named it this—the Jimmy Kimmel test, which was in a nutshell, 'No family should be denied medical care, emergency or otherwise, because they can't afford it.' He agreed to that."

Ahead of introducing this latest "scam" of a bill, Cassidy spread additional bullshit on other networks. The final product, Kimmel noted, directly contradicts all of Cassidy's promises. "The new Graham-Cassidy bill passes a very different kind of Jimmy Kimmel test," Kimmel said. "With this one, your child with a preexisting condition will get the care he needs if, and only if, his father is Jimmy Kimmel. Otherwise, you might be screwed."

After running down a list of organizations that have publicly opposed the latest bill, Kimmel brought his monologue to a close with a challenge to Cassidy and other lawmakers. Instead of trying to shove this "horrible bill down our throats," perhaps they should help the United States join the dozens of other countries that have already figured out health care.