Much has been made about Melania Trump’s anti-cyberbullying campaign, or lack thereof, in recent weeks. When her husband first assumed the role of president, Melania suggested that one of her biggest missions was to make cyberspace a friendlier place to be, and, well, how’s that going for her? We’d argue not good.

The bad news with regards to that is that Twitter can be a pretty goddamn awful place to be these days. The trolls have come out in full force over the last six months, and cyberbullying is seemingly at an all-time high. But the good news is that, if nothing else, all of the awfulness that you see on Twitter on a daily basis is giving all of the celebrities out there even more ammo when they agree to appear on Jimmy Kimmel’s wildly successful "Mean Tweets" segment.

Kimmel unloaded the 11th episode of "Mean Tweets" on his show on Monday night, and this time around, he called on everyone from Dave Chappelle and Jennifer Lawrence to Michael Keaton and Emma Watson to read mean tweets for him. And at one point, he even called on Alec Baldwin to read a mean tweet from none other than the POTUS himself. Donald Trump once sent out this tweet after one of Baldwin’s many memorable appearances as the president on Saturday Night Live:

And Baldwin was all too happy to throw it back in Trump’s face on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Jake Gyllenhaal, Elisabeth Moss, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston, Kristen Bell, and others are also featured in this "Mean Tweets." You can check it out in the clip above.