Celebrities aren't fans of having people get all up in their personal space just to take a photo. But then again, who is? And, believe it or not, these celebrities are also human beings capable of experiencing emotions, like anger and compassion for others. 

On Wednesday, Bella Hadid was spotted leaving Michael Kors' New York Fashion Week show with a security detail at least five people deep. As Hadid and her team made their way through a sea of paparazzi, one female photographer appeared to be manhandled by a member of Hadid's security team. 

Hadid immediately jumped into action, pulling the security guard off the woman and repeatedly telling him to not touch her. The situation may have been somewhat triggering for Bella after what happened to her older sister last year. 

As Gigi left the Max Mara show in Milan last September, some idiot thought it would be a hilarious prank to pick up the model while Bella stood nearby. But, the prankster soon realized that he messed with the wrong woman, and received some strong elbows to the face from Gigi. 

Not everyone is capable of responding to that type of situation like Gigi did, but that's why it's important that people nearby offer a helping hand. Even as Bella was simply trying to get to her car and leave as soon as possible, she still managed to step in and reprimand the guy for being overly aggressive towards a woman who was just trying to do her job.