Following a successful crowdfunding campaign that raised more than $4.4 million, the anticipated sequel to the 2001 cult classic Super Troopers now has a release date. Sort of. In an interview with Seven Days, actor Steve Lemme, who plays MacIntyre "Mac" Womack in the film, gave a hint about the scheduled day of release. "There is [one], but I can't tell you what it is," Lemme said. "Here's what I can tell you: it's springtime and there's a very obvious date, which happens to fall on a Friday [next] year." It only takes a little Googling to find a calendar for 2018, and it seems pretty safe to say that the film will be out on April 20, 2018—better known as 4/20, the day pot heads around the world rejoice.

Lemme, a founding member of comedy team Broken Lizard, also said the film is "testing better than any movie we've tested. It came out fantastic." Just like its predecessor, Super Troopers 2 will be directed by Jay Chandrasekhar, written by Broken Lizard,​ and produced by Richard Perello. ​


The crowdfunding campaign for Super Troopers 2 was launched back in 2015. Broken Lizard surpassed its goal of $2 million in just 30 days. The final amount stacked up to $4.4 million, making it the second-largest crowdfunding project ever at the time. 

The original Super Troopers film, which received mixed reviews, grossed more than $23 million at the box office. Fingers crossed Super Troopers 2 will indeed drop Friday, April 20, 2018.