A really good-ass video that syncs audio from the Thor: Ragnarok trailer (this trailer right here, actually) with footage from the four Shrek films made its way onto YouTube on Monday and the result was, well, like we said, a really good-ass video. It was put together by Darth Blender, who are no stranger to this kind of thing—peep their (actually kind of disturbing) Muppets/50 Shades of Grey combination here.

I'm not 100 percent clear how someone realizes two entirely different movies would meld so well together (outside of two green monsters there doesn't seem to be much symmetry), but apparently there is another mash-up of these two franchises, although it is about one-fifth as long:

Not sure if these make you want to watch Thor or Shrek. Maybe both. But Thor: Ragnarok can be seen in theaters (by you!) starting on November 3.

In the meantime, check out the source material trailer here: