Obviously, superheroes are pretty dope. But most times that you need help, it’s an everyday hero you depend on to deliver. That’s why Marvel and Netflix have proclaimed today, August 18th, “Defenders Day”, in honor of those brave heroes who continually improve the lives of the city’s citizens every single day.

Inspired by the new Netflix series Marvel’s The Defenders, Defenders Day shines a light on these figures that, much like their onscreen counterparts, give back to New York through their tireless efforts within their communities. The individuals and organizations singled out to be honored include Ramon Pena of Crutches 4 Kids (C4K), Kayhan Irani of Artivista, Melody Centeno of Foster Care Unplugged , Carlos Velasquez of Boys Club of New York, and Gleacy Mejia of the Red Hook Community Justice Center.

Netflix and Marvel co-hosted a screening last night of The Defenders, where these real life heroes were celebrated. Today, street teams will be going around the city to encourage other citizens to get involved in their communities—while also passing out some sweet Marvel’s The Defenders swag.

New York means a great deal to the Netflix and Marvel partnership, which is why the duo has filmed over 80 hours of content in the city. Here’s hoping that their Defenders Day celebration helps give mad props to local heroes, and inspires other citizens to follow in their footsteps.