Once 9 p.m. ET on Sunday rolls around, there's nothing these days that can top watching Game of Thrones on HBO. But seeing how Leslie Jones reacts to each episode definitely comes in a close second. Earlier this month, Seth Meyers posted the second edition of "Game of Jones" where he checks out the latest episode with Leslie.   

While we may never be as lucky as Seth, Leslie does give us a glimpse into her always entertaining thought process as the GOT plot unfolds through her Twitter account.

Just minutes into last night's "Eastwatch" episode, we see Ser Bronn save Jamie Lannister's life by pulling him onto the shore. Jones credits Bronn as being "the smartest motherfucker on the show." 

Diehard GOT fans may have perceived the scene where Jon Snow pets Drogon as the dragon sensing a possible relation to Daenerys. Or, as Leslie saw it, Drogon couldn't resist the charm of Jon.  

And since Leslie is all of us, we also know Jorah Mormont as the guy with the "statue people disease." Given all the names and locations we have to commit to memory, we need to make some sacrifices and take a more practical approach with some names. 

Like Leslie, we feel bad for Jorah who can overcome practically everything, except for being stuck in Daenerys's friend zone.  

Leslie's GOT live-tweeting was so entertaining that The Rock had to give her a shout out on Twitter. 

We can't wait for next Sunday.