Who knows if they're paying enough attention to realize they're at the center of another controversy, but I regret to inform you the Jenner sisters are at it again. Kylie and Kendall Jenner got caught in one firestorm of cultural appropriation this summer, and it appears they're about to be in the middle of another one.

On this week's episode of Cultural Appropriation Wheel of Fortune, the Jenner sisters appear to have ripped a fashion item directly from Latin cholo/chola culture. The shirt in question is not exactly anything groundbreaking, aside from the ridiculous $145 price tag attached. 

kendall and kylie jenner shirt
Image via Kendall-Kylie

If it was just about the shirt style, there wouldn't be much to gripe over. But in a since-deleted post on the Kendall + Kylie Instagram page, the shirt was buttoned on a model in a very distinct style.

kendall and kylie jenner cholo shirt
Image via Instagram

There's a good reason the post has been deleted. Once savvy social media users spotted them trying to adapt the fashion for their own gains, they swarmed on the Jenner sisters with the swiftness, prompting a back down.

@KendallJenner @KylieJenner will you ever come up with your own ideas? #culturevultures pic.twitter.com/TZHKMLZenR

— 🇲🇽Chica Picante🌶 (@lipstickittty) August 26, 2017

😒 and people wonder why I can't take these two seriously at all.... exhibit a 🖕🏻

— Sarah Dee (@thesarahdeex) August 27, 2017

she literally took that entire look from Cholas from Latin culture She better realize that she's wearing what these female gangsters wear

— Adrian Saenz (@MCADRIANSAENZ) August 27, 2017

showed this to my mom and she's like "for the second time?"

— Kira Faith (@kirafaith02) August 27, 2017

lmao first black culture and now chola culture pic.twitter.com/bedKmnrlzw

— kelsey llama (@kelseylamae) August 26, 2017

If they're going to appropriate culture they could at least be like "hey guys our new clothing line is inspired by latinx culture!"

— Aurora Morice (@iluvpieandlife) August 27, 2017

They ain't shit. The less we give them attention the better...thats how these putas get money. Buying their make up and clothing. #Fake

— K i t t y K a t 🌻 (@kittykattwoman) August 27, 2017

If there's anything the Jenners are prepared to do, however, it's to deny being culture vultures, or at least attempt to duck any responsibility. Faced with a lawsuit over their ridiculous 2Pac T-shirts, the girls called the plaintiff's claim "baseless," despite issuing what they claimed was a sincere apology prior to getting hit with the legal action. It has been a year filled with controversy for Kendall Jenner in particular, after she filmed that Pepsi commercial and was accused of stiffing her bartenders.

Should history be any indication, I'm sure this will be the final controversy involving the family.