It’s actually been a pretty quiet week for LaVar Ball. While he’s managed to make headlines for doing everything from beefing with Shaq to getting into it with a female referee during an AAU tournament this summer, LaVar has managed to stay out of the news for the most part this week, which most people would probably say is a good thing. Many have grown tired of his ongoing act.

We suspect LaVar’s name is going to appear in quite a few headlines on Friday, though, but for once, it’s not going to be because of something he said or did. Rather, it’s going to be because Kenan Thompson broke out a hilarious LaVar Ball impression on SNL: Weekend Update on Thursday night, and he absolutely nailed it. Thompson put on a bald cap and a Big Baller Brand t-shirt for his SNL appearance, and he managed to pull off the perfect LaVar impression by saying a bunch of really off-the-wall stuff that LaVar would definitely say.

"I got one son in the NBA," Thompson said at the beginning of his impression, "and two on the way. I’m like Earl Woods, Joe Jackson, and Dina Lohan—all rolled into one!"

Thompson, as LaVar, also talked about how he would beat Michael Jordan in a game of 1-on-1 "while wearing a beekeeper suit and Hamburger Helper gloves." And when he was pressed further on the issue of beating MJ, Thompson continued to use his best LaVar-level boasts to really put the impression over the top.

"I am 8 feet tall. I can jump 20 feet high. I once jumped over a Super Target!" he said. "This past Thanksgiving, I ate 100 turkeys…Caught every turkey myself. Chased ‘em all down wearing my Big Baller Brand ZO2s."

It only got better from there. LaVar himself hasn’t responded to Thompson’s impression of him just yet, but he’ll definitely have something to say about it. You can watch it for yourself in the clip above.