The season finale of Game of Thrones aired last night to record-setting numbers. According to Entertainment Weekly, "The Dragon and the Wolf" amassed a total of 12.1 million viewers for its 9 p.m. ET airing. When you factor in HBO’s replays and streaming numbers, the total is bumped up to an astounding 16.5 million. After leaving Thrones fans wanting more with cliffhangers that we will not get into here, who the hell knows when the show will be coming back.

As Thrones fans slowly come to terms with the reality that it's going to be a long winter and beyond without the hit show, HBO has just released a behind-the-scenes series that will briefly quench the GOT fan base's thirst for more. 

The Game Revealed is a seven-part series featuring interviews with the cast, showrunners, and more, as well as behind-the-scenes glimpses at what went into creating each episode of season 7. The show will be available on HBO Now, HBO Go, and HBO On Demand, but the first episode centered around "Dragonstone" can be seen on YouTube.

We should probably point out that this first episode includes an appearance by Ed Sheeran, who made a cameo which received so much backlash that the singer ended up leaving Twitter. If you were one of those individuals triggered by Sheeran's brief time on GOT, you may want to be prepared to skip some portions of this episode.  

Check out the video in its entirety above.