The relationship struggles between Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian have long since blown by the on-again, off-again stage and have unraveled into a brutal spectacle over the summer of 2017. As the two parents hash out the details over custody of their daughter, Dream, the immaturity of both parties continues to be put on display.

In the latest incident, TMZ is alleging that Chyna almost fled custody negotiations in a car that doesn't belong to her. After hours of negotiations with no resolution, Kardashian had his Range Rover brought around by a valet at the law offices. Chyna, who was described by TMZ witnesses as "visibly agitated," darted for the car and reportedly was all set to steal the whip and leave Kardashian stranded at the law offices.

After a reported intervention from her lawyers, Chyna backed down, but the fact that it got that far in the first place is pretty absurd. As for the motivation behind the angry move, supposedly this is the Range Rover gifted to Kardashian by Chyna when they were still in a relationship. This wouldn't be a huge deal, except for the fact that Kardashian allegedly had Chyna return a Ferrari and a Lamborghini that he gifted to her, so holding onto her gift seems a little hypocritical.


This case has been extraordinarily messy, and it never had to be this way. If not for Kardashian unloading a series of NSFW pictures from Chyna, the two former lovers may have been able to resolve this amicably, without resorting to petty tactics to get back at each other. But ever since he dropped those photos in early July, the two sides have sniped at one another, and it sounds like things are getting worse by the day.

If not for yourselves, Rob and Chyna, at least do it for your daughter. This whole circus is a bad look for everyone involved, and looks more like a middle school relationship than one between two adults. Find some common ground and move the hell on.