Actress Anna Paquin took to Instagram to respond to an incident that occurred on BBC during their live nightly news broadcast. While Sophie Raworth was anchoring the News at Ten segment, an employee in the background was watching a NSFW episode of HBO's popular vampire drama television series True Blood.

In the clip, Anna Paquin​, who played Sookie Stackhouse​, can be seen undressing, breasts and all. People watching the news broadcast initially thought it was an adult film that was playing. The live nightly news show has an audience of 3.8 million viewers. ​​Paquin seemed to find BBC's gaffe hillarious. 

In a post made to Instagram, Paquin wrote, "In a spectacularly funny error in judgement [sic] by some employee as far as #NSFW viewing at #BBC my tits from #trueblood photobombed the 10pm news! I literally can't laugh hard enough."

In other, far more serious and tragic True Blood-related news, Nelsan Ellis, the actor who portrayed Lafayette Reynolds, passed away from heart failure due to alcohol withdrawal complications​ on ​July 8, 2017. Ellis was 39 years old. 

HBO's True Blood ran for seven seasons and eighty episodes from September 7, 2008 to August 24, 2014. The series was created and produced by Alan Ball.

Paquin has been in a long list of films. Some of the most notable are 1993's The Piano to 1997's Amistad, 2000's Almost Famous and Finding Forrester. She also starred as Rogue in Marvel's X-MenX-Men: The Last Stand, and X-Men: Days of Future Past.