These days, it seems like all the big names in Hollywood have some sort of deal with Netflix. We've all been waiting to see what the fruits of the partnership will look like for Spike Lee, who previously announced plans to turn his 1986 movie She's Gotta Have It into a brand new series.

After a debut sneak peek dropped at the 2017 Essence Festival, we finally have our first look at what She's Gotta Have It looks like. Despite the original movie dropping in the '80s, it has a theme that is still important and prevalent today, exploring non-traditional relationships and a woman's sexual and personal freedom.

As you can see in the trailer up top, the dynamic remains the same from Lee's landmark film. Our protagonist, Nora Darling, is infatuated with a trio of men, each of whom have different personality traits that appeal to Nora. There's the loud-mouthed sneaker head, the sex-obsessed partner, and a gift-bearing gentleman. The only difference this time is we'll get to see their character arcs unfold over the course of a series, rather than crammed into an 84-minute movie.

With only a minute-and-a-half of footage to judge the new cast of She's Gotta Have It, it's hard to say whether Lee will be able to recreate the magic that helped launch his career. But at the very least, it should be a fun blast from the past for people who appreciate the film, and an introduction of some important commentary on relationships to a new generation of viewers.

Keep an eye out for She's Gotta Have It on Netflix this Thanksgiving.