If you head over to Ryan Phillippe's Twitter account, you'll notice one hell of a pinned tweet:

As anyone who's been keeping up with Phillippe's social media activity already knows, the Shooter star is a well-studied fan of hip-hop (and presumably English muffins). But this week, Phillippe took that love to the next level by stepping up to the plate with some pre-written bars of his own on Sway in the Morning.

Starting at the 21:50 mark in the video up top, Phillippe raps about everything from the late '90s classics in his filmography:

Go ahead and hate, release, and let your anger out
Please don't keep it inside, cos jealousy and envy fucking eat you alive
Instead, find a pillow and fold up, RIP to Nate Dogg, homie told you to hold up
Crash into me with Cruel Intentions and I'll take away your girl and do some things that we won't mention
I don't know what she did last summer, in the front seat of my caddy, no, I don't drive a hummer

To Shia LaBeouf's recent mastery of Sway's Five Fingers of Death challenge, with Phillippe calling for no disrespect against the actor/artist so as to avoid any "LaBeef."

But who ultimately walked away with the stronger Sway in the Morning performance? Judge for yourself: