Back in the ‘90s, long before McDonalds served kale, Arby’s threatened robot workers, and the Burger King mascot looked like a serial killer, fast food was in its golden age. Golden arches were popping up in every remote corner of the globe and the diners were still relatively blissfully unaware of the obesity epidemic their habits were contributing to. Though we were all becoming addicted to food that was slowly killing us, life in those days felt a lot happier, didn’t it? 

These were simple times full of complex ingredients. And just as simultaneously simple and complex is the story of Good Burger, the fast-food themed Nickelodeon comedy that spent over two decades transitioning from variety show stand-out sketch to feature film to beloved cult classic. Released in the summer of ‘97, the film follows slacker student Dexter (Kenan Thompson), who takes a summer job at a local burger joint, where he befriends a ditzy but kind-hearted cashier, Ed (Kel Mitchell). But when a shady mega burger chain opens up across the street, the duo suddenly find themselves performing acts of wacky corporate espionage in order to save both their jobs and the fast food consumers of the world.

To commemorate the film’s 20th anniversary, Complex found the minds and faces behind this artifact of childhood nostalgia to compile an oral history on the quintessential fast food comedy and the hapless but lovable character at the center of it. Welcome to Good Burger.