Justin Simien’s poignant Netflix original series Dear White People, based on the acclaimed film of the same name, has been confirmed for a second season.

The first 10 episodes eloquently navigate the realities of racial tension, white privilege, and social injustices on a fictional Ivy league campus. The show follows a group of young activists as they aim to deconstruct the different facets of racism.

The producers approach everything from white people uttering the n-word while singing along to certain tracks, to a black student unjustly staring down the barrel of a gun while being racially profiled by campus police.

Logan Browning, who plays the show’s protagonist Samantha White, told Complex back in February that, "Sam is a bi-racial student at this Ivy League school, Winchester. She is just sick and tired of the racial tensions and stereotypes on campus."

After receiving well-deserved hype following its April 28 release, many fans were sure they would be seeing more of the DWP cast. But it wasn’t until a formal announcement was released, and the series’ leading lads and ladies posted on Instagram, that the Internet started celebrating. 



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I'm elated and couldn't be more proud of my @dearwhitepeople family.

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Complex’s very own Khal, when referencing the original 2014 film that inspired the show, said, “If you had to make a list of movies that white people need to watch to understand the plight of non-white people in Trump's America, 2014's Dear White People would be at the top of that list.”

As we continue to observe the harsh realities of the Trump era, this statement is as relevant as ever. Hopefully, by the season 2 release in 2018, our own political leaders will put an emphasis on stopping these kinds of social injustices that DWP is rightfully criticizing.