If you're in the mood to have some nightmares tonight, then go ahead and check out the latest full-length trailer for It. 

On Wednesday, a 10-second teaser for the movie adaptation of Stephen King's It was released. The brief clip showed a red balloon with "OFFICIAL TRAILER TOMORROW" written on it slowly inching towards the camera. As the words came into full focus, the balloon suddenly popped and revealed Pennywise the Clown staring right into the camera...and into our souls. We don't how that happened, but it did! 

This latest trailer is believed to be the one Warner Bros. played at San Diego Comic-Con. The audience was also treated (?) to two scenes from the upcoming film, which Entertainment Weekly described in horrifyingly vivid detail, claiming that each scene was "progressively more disturbing than the last." Fun times. 

The Comic-Con crowd even got a message from King himself. "It remains one of my most personal works so I’m delighted it’s finally making it to the big screen," he said. "Enjoy this exclusive look…if you can."

The excitement for the It remake has been building up for quite some time now. Back in March, the first teaser trailer dropped, delivering some incredibly scary moments featuring Pennywise the Clown while effectively making us fear the presence of a floating, solitary red balloon. Like, if we ever see one in public, we're just going to run in the opposite direction. 

This newest version of Itdirected by Andy Muschietti, hits theaters on September 8.