On Sunday night's season 7 premiere of Game of Thrones about half a page of Samwell Tarly's book about dragonglass (one of two known substances that can put down a whitewalker) was captured on camera. Which means, on Monday morning, the sleuths of Reddit were transcribing it in an effort to hypothesize about what the hell it means.

Despite several missing words, here is the rough transcription, as put forth by Reddit user "RoboFeanor," though be advised that it contains spoilers:

A transcription of a clue from the season 7 premiere of 'Game of Thrones.'
Image via Reddit

As noted by Mashable, the second paragraph, which features words like "cure, ingestion [and] dragon glass" is the one to train your eyes upon. Redditors down the page then wondered how the story would play out in regards to Sam probably curing Jorah Mormant.

A Redditor wonders what Samwell Tarley will do with his new knowledge.
Image via Reddit

Finally, a(nother) Redditor transcribed an additional page from the book. Does it tie in? Well, that's for the showrunners to know and for us peons to eventually find out:

A Redditor transcribes a book from a scene in 'Game of Thrones.'
Image via Reddit

A lot of people watched the episode, but not a lot of people put in the effort of this crew. Shout out to them for doing the work on this Easter egg. If this stuff makes sense to you, check out the entire thread here.