Chrissy Teigen, queen of Twitter clap backs and close friend to Kim Kardashian, has come to her friend’s rescue after people accused Kim of Snapchatting a video of herself with cocaine on a table in the background.

Kim immediately tried to shut down the rumors by claiming the "cocaine" was just sugar from Dylan’s Candy Bar, which she had visited over the weekend with her daughter North. But the accusations kept on coming, and Teigen had an interesting observation. "What kind of coke head lines up the drugs and just…doesn’t do them," she wrote.

But Twitter busybodies continued doing what they do, claiming that Tiegen's observation didn’t prove anything. At that point, an exasperated Teigen gave up in her signature savagely sarcastic style.

For her part, Kardashian has already cleared up these rumors even further. On Tuesday night on Snapchat, Kim returned to the scene of her original snap that set off the cocaine rumors and inspected the incriminating table. Although Kim had thought it was sugar from a pixie stick—she even showed a shopping bag from Dylan’s Candy Shop to prove she’d been there with North—the two white lines turned out to simply be a pattern on the black and white marble table behind her. Kim even showed a close up of the table, effectively disproving everything anyone could say about her drug use. "Come on. I don’t play like that. I have kids. It’s just not my lifestyle," she said.

Kim Kardashian proves she didn't use cocaine by Hollywoodlife

Kim Kardashian's table on Snapchat
Image via Snapchat