Unbeknownst to babies, apparently a fair amount of them resemble celebrated non-baby John Legend. At least, that's what some people on Twitter and Instagram have been tossing out into the universe recently:

At some point during the baby tweets, people started to wonder if very accomplished commentator Chrissy Teigen might catch wind of the photos and make a classic observation:

But first, a response from Legend himself:

Eventually, Teigen made an all-caps request for everyone to just, you know, STOP SENDING HER PICTURES OF BABIES WHO LOOK LIKE JOHN LEGEND. A reasonable request, really.

The babies' publicists have not commented on this matter, as they do not actually have publicists. They're babies!

Teigen also recently let loose some Tidal jokes in response to the release of Jay Z's new album 4:44 last week. "I sure picked the wrong day to release my first album," Teigen joked Friday, to which New York Times reporter Mike Isaac replied, "plz don't make it a tidal exclusive."

Looking for Palm Treo and Cingular Wireless jokes? Teigen has them: