On Saturday, during the D23 expo, Marvel unveiled a trailer for next year's The Avengers: Infinity War flick. Unfortunately they've decided to build hype by keeping it exclusive (for now) meaning you won't be able to see it until the trailer is released to the public...unless you happened to be in attendance at D23 and are still for whatever reason reading this. This keeps with the secrecy theme that's gone hand-in-hand with the film so far.

However, according to people who did see it (not me) the reportedly pretty damn long trailer (which could include spoilers) started with a few minutes of background before opening by showing Thor getting introduced to The Guardians of the Galaxy by being thrown into their ship. They join up and then fly to another planet which lies in pure chaos.

According to io9, amongst the quick moving montage are clips of Loki presenting the Tesseract to someone taller than him, Spider-Man freaking out when a ship comes barreling towards what's probably Earth (to which Tony Stark says "We have one advantage. He's coming to us"), Thanos emerging out of a black hole, and a massive fight that includes Doctor Strange, Star-Lord, and Spider-Man in that new suit he just got.

It also has a shot of Spider-Man nearly crying as he tells Stark "I’m sorry Tony," while Iron Man holds his head up. Before wrapping up the trailer, Thanos uses a pair of Infinity Stones to grab a moon in the midst of a fight, when debris starts to swirl around the trailer abruptly ends.

Here's some tweets that likely make sense to you if you clicked this headline:

Also this trailer caused the entire crowd to come to its feet, at least according to an impartial source:

Anyway, we'll be sure to embed the actual trailer when it (inevitably) drops. Beats reading (or writing) about it.