It's summertime, which means more free time to get into all kinds of debauchery, including some sneaky outdoor sex. Sure, it's illegal AF, but that hasn't stopped horny couples from getting it in in public for decades. Wood Rocket, the company behind the viral Ask a Porn Star series, decided to tackle the concept of public sex with a litany of porn stars, and to the surprise of no one, porn stars really like getting busy in public.

Leya Falcon, who is dressed up as Harley Quinn, says she's had public sex "many times," including at a playground "because they're fun." She says it was at night, so no kids got to see what was popping off. Bobbi Dylan talked about the time she had public sex on a jet ski in the ocean; apparently, this was in the beach town she lived in, which was "super classy," and she said she was "just being a ho." Dylan also said she had sex in a covered flatbed of a truck in a parking lot, which meant there were only eight inches of space for two people to get their rocks off.

Daisy Ducati takes the cake with her story, which involves a shoot she did for a site that did a lot of public sex scenes in front of a live audience. The term "dick on a stick" comes up, but we won't spoil it. You can watch the full clip up above.