Los Angeles has been the birthplace of many things—some better than others. FX’s riveting new show Snowfall shows us a whole different side of LA as it takes us back to 1983. It was a time when Jheri Curls were flowing, boomboxes were blasting and the crack cocaine epidemic was just getting going.

Snowfall features a widely diverse cast, including Emily Rios (Breaking Bad, True Detective), Amin Joseph (Baywatch), and Sergio Peris-Mencheta (Resident Evil: Afterlife). At the center of it all is Franklin Saint, a young street hustler who’s eager to gain more power—possibly at some very high costs. Franklin is played by the captivating Damson Idris, a rising star from the U.K. who recently showed up alongside Kate Mara in Megan Leavey. Based on what we’ve seen of Snowfall thus far, Idris has a lot of big things ahead of him.

The roster of creative minds behind Snowfall is equally impressive. Two of its creators are Dave Andron, who was showrunner on the hit FX series Justified, and John Singleton, a filmmaker who clearly has a very deep connection to LA, having written and directed the iconic film Boyz N the Hood.

Snowfall premieres Wednesday, July 5th at 10 p.m. only on FX. You can get a look at the show’s new trailer in the video above, and for more behind-the-scenes content, be sure to visit Snowfall .