Amongst people who knew 2Pac during his life, All Eyez on Me isn't exactly getting rave reviews. After the movie was panned early in the review process by Jada Pinkett-Smith, a wave of negative press rolled through afterwards, with 50 Cent, Vince Staples, and 99 percent of your Twitter feed clowning on the new flick.

You can add legendary rapper Scarface to the list of detractors. During an interview at Chicago's Classic Hip Hop Lives event over the weekend, Scarface trashed the movie for not including important figures in 'Pac's life and career, specifically naming prominent West Coast rappers who were left out.

“If MC Breed not in that movie, then that ain’t no real ‘Pac movie," he said. "If the D.O.C. wasn’t mentioned in that movie, it’s not a real ‘Pac movie to me ... That was our peers, we all hung together. So if them niggas was not in that movie, if that shit wasn't sanctioned by the people who grew up with 'Pac, I don't know bro."

But his beef with the movie goes beyond the well-documented inaccuracy of the film. All Eyez on Me is just the latest example of a 2Pac project being released following his death, with new music from the deceased icon emerging every so often. Scarface says he doesn't support the use of 'Pac's work and image now that he's dead, and if it were up to him, 2Pac would just be allowed to rest in peace.

"If a motherfucker put an album out of me when I'm dead, don't buy that shit," he said. "If a motherfucker try to shoot a movie on me and I'm dead, don't go see that shit. Let me rest, man. I love 'Pac to death man, but let that man rest. That's some bullshit, that ain't feeding his mom, that ain't feeding his kids, he don't got none! Who's getting the money? Who's getting the fuckin' money? I can't support that shit."


Though you get the feeling people wouldn't be as upset about All Eyez on Me if it was done correctly, Scarface raises a good point. There has been an avalanche of posthumous projects capitalizing off of 2Pac's popularity during his life, all coming from people with different motivations. Because he was taken so young, there will always be a an appetite for more 'Pac, but there's definitely a tipping point where it becomes disrespectful.

You can watch Scarface's full rant up top.