People often say there are two Washingtons—there's Capitol Hill, the seat of power, where decisions made reverberate around the world. And then there's D.C., the thriving culture of the city, where regional food specialties like mumbo sauce are a source of pride for a place in constant flux. 

In episode 3 of Food Grails, Miss Info heads to the nation's capitol to learn more about the sweet, tangy sauce poured over chicken wings, fried rice, and French fries. Although mumbo may never show up on a D.C. tour guide, it's probably the closest thing to a secret handshake that you could ever hope to share with a true Washingtonian.

But as gentrification drastically changes the city's landscape, will mumbo sauce retain its meaning? We spoke to Wale, Shy Glizzy, Kokayi, and Tony Lewis Jr. to find out what the future holds for the city's special sauce.

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