Hiding your misdeeds from your parents is a time-honored tradition amongst children of all ages. Some people are better at it than others—and some people are getting into more serious trouble than others—but everyone has some dirty laundry they choose not to share with mom and dad.

In honor of this wonderful pastime, the people behind Jimmy Kimmel Live walked around the streets of Los Angeles looking for children who would fess up to their crimes in front of their dads. What better way to celebrate Father's Day than to learn what kind of mischief your kids are getting into?

Some of the parents seem a little more at peace with the secrets, like one dad who mocks his daughter for having to drunkenly walk 10 miles home from a party. Others were less enthused with the experience; check out this dad as he learns his son regularly prank calls Walgreen's and yells, "Butthole!" at unsuspecting employees.

dad on jimmy kimmel
Image via YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live

That's the look of a man who is both stifling laughter and wondering where he went wrong raising his son. But hey, it could be worse, he could be the final father featured in the video, who has to hear stories from six different children about how they've hidden crimes from him.

You can watch the full sketch from Jimmy Kimmel Live up top, and remember kids, sometimes you're better off just keeping those secrets to yourself.