Though it’s always a pleasure to see music we love infiltrate Jeopardy!’s clue bank, it’s disappointing when none of the contestants can come up with the correct answer.

During Monday night’s episode, Frank Ocean returned to the Jeopardy! board with a clue regarding his 2012 debut studio album Channel Orange. Any Frank die-hard would’ve considered the $2,000 a question a layup; however, all three players were stumped.

“On this song from Channel Orange, Frank Ocean sings to a cab driver of his unrequited love for a man.”

If you tuned into to last night’s show, you probably shouted the correct at your TV screen: “What is ‘Bad Religion’?” But that feeling of self-satisfaction may have tapered off after realizing none of the contestants were true Frank fans.

This isn’t the first time the 29-year-old singer was featured in a Jeopardy! clue. There was an earlier clue that included audio of his “Thinkin Bout You” track, as well as one that listed all of his full-length releases.