Blac Chyna received treatment in an ambulance early Saturday morning, moments after she was rear ended by another driver in Los Angeles.

According to TMZChyna was driving around the Studio City neighborhood in L.A. at around 2:30 a.m. when another driver slammed into the back of her Rolls Royce. Following the accident, she was placed into a nearby ambulance and examined by paramedics inside for around 45 minutes, eventually being released after someone arrived to pick her up.

The fate of the driver who struck her vehicle is not immediately clear. Members of of the Los Angeles Police Department detained the other driver and tested them for a possible DUI, but as of now there has not been any report of an arrest. Judging by the photos available of the crash scene, it appears the other driver's car ended up in much worse shape than Chyna's Rolls Royce.

It would be in poor taste to compare Chyna's personal life to a car crash after she was just put through an actual car crash, but let's just say things haven't been going smoothly for her on the personal front. Her split from Rob Kardashian has been all too public since it went down in April, and Kardashian has already been spotted out with another "reality star" in the time since. Considering Chyna is still taking public shots at her ex Tyga, it's hard to imagine another breakup will go smoothly.

Here's hoping Chyna is holding up alright, and that she starts turning things around this year sometime soon.