The trailer for upcoming Australian zombie TV series 'Wyrmwood' was released today, and it's all kinds of disturbing. The clip for the series, which is based off director Kiah Rouche-Turner's 2014 indie-flick of the same name, is nearly 7 minutes long and gory as hell. 

The clip shows a girl waking up in a claustrophobic torture chamber, wearing a mask reminiscent of a third-party Dark Knight Rises Bane rip-off, and all kinds of gory fun ensues. 

The series looks to be all kinds of B-movie fun, part Tarantino, part Saw film. The 2014 film was released on a shoestring budget, and whilst it was downloaded in huge numbers, barely any of these were legal downloads, meaning the creators didn't see much profit floating their way. We can only hope the awesome trailer for the series garners a distribution deal so that the creators are rewarded for their sick and twisted minds this time.