Comedian Pete Davidson is making his way back to the stage after ducking out of the public eye to get sober, and there was no better place to reintroduce himself than on SNL. His first appearance back made it feel like he never left the show, as Davidson riffed on his personal life and struggles while seated at the Weekend Update desk.

Davidson, who has openly admitted using medical marijuana to combat Crohn's disease, joked that one of his priorities once he got sober was to masturbate a lot more. He explained the new habit as a method to release his inner demons.

"I'm doing that a lot," Davidson said. "I was on drugs for the past eight years, so now I have to get all the bad kids out. I've got to masturbate all the bad kids out, Colin. There's a bunch of dummies in there. If I had a kid right now, it would come out with a snapback and a neck tattoo."

You can see the full video of his appearance up top, and watch as he elaborates on the horrors of rehab. He claims "horse therapy" was part of the path to sobriety—and compares the cost to soliciting a prostitute—and says he quickly found out he was too allergic to horses to find any therapeutic value in the animals.

"Do not go to a rehab that has horse therapy," says Davidson. "If you go it'll cost you $40,000 to pet a horse. You could have sex with a person for like $50... I should have banged that horse." 


Though it's occasionally hard to tell when Davidson is being serious or when he's using hyperbole to get a few laughs, it's good to see him back on the SNL stage. Davidson is still super young at age 23, and his honest, sometimes brutal brand of comedy often hits close to home for the audience. Hopefully he can maintain his newfound sobriety and pick up where he left off at the end of 2016.