Jordan Peele's surprise hit film Get Out took the world by storm, and with most things that become the talk of all of your circles, memes are produced. Get Out, the horror film that takes a hard look at race in today's society, spawned the #GetOutChallenge, which involved running full speed at the camera before darting off to the right ala Walter's infamous moonlit sprint in the film. Everyone from Steph Curry to the cast of Black Panther got in on the fun, but surprisingly, the creator of the film that spawned said meme hadn't gotten into it...until now.

Visiting The Tonight Show to promote the home release of Get Out, Peele decided to do his best #GetOutChallenge sprint as his entrance onto the set. Here's what it looked like.

"That's the first time I've done the #GetOutChallenge," Peele said. "I'm so glad I didn't wipe out."

Their conversation quickly dives into Peele's recent marriage and word of him having a child on the way, but they also remember the time ?uestlove choked on stage. Peele also spoke about the show he's working on with Tracy Morgan, and relays a story of Morgan choking on a Ding Dong during a phone conversation. Imitating Morgan, Peele remembers their conversation: "Survived Wal-mart truck, killed by Ding Dong."

Further into his visit, Peele describes Get Out as a "social thriller," saying it's a movie that is "creepy, but humanity is the creepiest part of it." He also talks about Daniel Kaluuya (the star of Get Out) and his ability to cry on demand.

If you haven't seen Get Out (or taken the #GetOutChallenge), spend some time this weekend taking this film in.