Stephen King's It is an infamous title in the horror genre, and the 1990's adaptation of the novel scared a generation of kids off clowns for life. The second trailer for the 2017 version of It looks like it will carry on that freakish legacy.

The above video premiered worldwide during the MTV Movie and TV Awards, and it brought the award show to a screeching halt. Closing the trailer with a zoomed in shot of Pennywise—the shape-shifting, manipulative clown who preys on children—will certainly have that effect on a room.

This is easily the clearest view we have of Bill Skarsgard playing Pennywise so far, after the previous trailer surrounded him with lots of shadows and water. It's enough to make you fearful without seeing any other footage from the movie—would you want to meet this guy in a dark alley?

pennywise the clown from it

Beyond serving as yet another lesson for children not to follow any stray red balloons, the trailer doesn't reveal much in the way of new information. But you should be prepared to get the bejeesus scared out of you when It hits the big screen Sept. 8, and try to avoid contact with any clowns in the meantime.