When Amber Rose woke up on Wednesday, she faced a very creepy realization. According to TMZ, Rose discovered that someone had broken into her house while she was asleep, stayed for four hours, and then left again.

The prowler came in through a window while Amber and an entire entourage (her mom, son, bodyguards, and assistant) were all sleeping. It wasn't until after he left, TMZ says, that Rose saw the broken window and decided to check the surveillance footage. Horrifyingly, she saw the guy breaking in and then, some four hours later, leaving—apparently without stealing anything.

To add to the whole horror movie-esque situation, Amber's assistant reportedly got up and started cooking while the guy was in the house hiding out. 

No details yet on if the police have any leads on capturing the guy, and Rose has not yet publicly commented. But hopefully the fact that he was caught in the act (albeit on video) will make finding him easier.